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September 25, 2012 at 7:07pm by john st.

Wiser's "Welcome to The Wiserhood"

Wiser’s Canadian Whisky faced the classic marketing dilemma: they needed to attract a new, younger demographic without alienating its older loyalists. The answer: a secret society of younger and older but uncompromising whisky lovers welcoming uncompromising newcomers into the fold. Double Gold CMA winner in 2009. One Show integrated finalist.

Case Video




Tetley Infusions

When it comes to how women like to flavour their water, artificially sweetened, powdered drink mixes dominate the market. Tetley Infusions is a naturally sweetened healthy alternative to these powders, but how could we get women to change their behaviour? Well, with tongue set firmly in cheek, we likened powder to other habits that are similarly unhealthy. The campaign broke in April 2010.



Holiday Inn

Our Cannes Lion award-winning spot for the Holiday Inn.

"Long Goodnight"





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