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Words I wish were words

December 4, 2012 at 1:45pm by Guest Author

As an account executive I often find that I randomly come up with words that would work oh-so-perfectly in an email. Maybe it is just the word I need to really support that important point I'm trying to convey. Or possibly this word just frames a feeling or concern, in an appropriate way. Well, as it turns out, all of us on the account service team find ourselves in similar situations, and there are a handful of words that just keep popping up.

With that said, may I present to you my list of the top four words that I wish were words.

1. Impactful.

Example: "You'll find the attached document very impactful, as it points out…"

2. Agreeance.

Example: "After chatting through the details, everyone left the meeting in agreeance."

3. Orientated.

Example: "Can you send me the brief? I want to get better orientated with the project"

4. Executional mandatories.

Example: "Please ensure you meet the executional mandatories outlined below"

Going forward, I would really like permission to use these words. Translation: what I am saying here is that 1) yes, I recognize that these are not words, but 2) now that I've proven not be grammatical misfit, can I please use them anyways?

And if I haven't convinced you yet, by giving us this permission we can now eliminate those instances where I, or another member of the department, calls out (usually disruptively across the whole floor) to a co-worker for their feedback on whether 'impactful' can be used in a email.



By: Raq
At: 10:58am | December 04, 2012

Orientated is a word. It means "to face east".

To Orient means "to get ones bearings".

The two are both acceptable according to Fowler's Modern English Usage.

By: Gazalle
At: 11:06am | December 04, 2012

Funny, I use random words too but if you used any of these in a convincing matter I am sure many wouldn't question. I've seen impactful many times, both in writing and speech.

By: Meredith
At: 11:43am | December 04, 2012

Did you do any research before publishing this? They are pretty much all words...


And executional mandatories is two words, so at best it could be a phrase, never a word.

By: Judy Flanagan
At: 14:09pm | December 04, 2012

Amelia - I know the feeling of "wanted words"! but as John st has often demonstrated it is best to make up a whole new word - like "unignorable" - one that is purposefully designed to create a new thought. Your examples above I fear can often be viewed by those who know the English language as just ignorant use of a word that means something else or lazy use of an adjective instead of an adverb or worse!! Having said that, I would strongly advocate your case for "executional mandatories" - it is a phrase that only exists in the ad world AND thus should be used at the discretion of the poor account person who has to explain to creatives.(also not a word)

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