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5 Traits of the Unignorable Person

April 2, 2015 at 10:56am by Martin Stinnissen

There’s something about this industry that attracts the most interesting people.  I’m astounded daily by the people I work with and the people I meet out and about in adland.

At john st, we work to make our clients’ brands unignorable. But what does it take for a person to be unignorable? How do you become the kind of person that others can’t resist? The kind of person they want to listen to, or invite to things, or even hire?

Over the past 4 years in advertising, I’ve had the pleasure of working with quite a few of these people. So here are some things that will help if you want to be unignorable too:

1) Smile, dammit – I’m going to borrow from a favourite book of mine and put being a visibly happy person right at the top of the list. It’s pretty simple, really – when you’re happy, people want to be near you. For the same reasons we want to be near dogs. They practically jump out of their skin when we come home. Naturally, we’re excited to see them.

2) Interested before Interesting – Before you are interesting, you have to be interested. In something. Anything. Many things. When you have interests, you have hobbies, and things in common with others, and something to talk about. Interesting people keep an open mind and genuinely listen when others talk. Which leads to my next thing.

3) Be Real – It seems a little first-grade, but it’s true. Be genuine, and be yourself, whoever that is. Say what you feel. Do what you think. People will like you that much more if you are who you are without caring too much what others think. And even if that makes you nervous as hell…

4) Be Confident – “If you don’t know, act like you know.” Or something like that. When you act confident people are more likely to think you know what you’re doing. They’re more likely to take notice when you walk in a room, and believe what you say. They want to know why it’s so good to be you.

5) GRR –  Not sure if anyone else has used ‘GRR’ as a character trait before, but Angus Tucker uses it all the time. In fact, he asked me if I had ‘GRR’ in my interview. It’s a funny way to describe that go-getter, stop-at-nothing, gritty spirit of successful people, and I think it’s pretty accurate. ‘GRR’ is hard to ignore.

Turns out if we want to be unignorable we should all be more like dogs.



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