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What Clients Really Need In The Accelerated Age

April 14, 2015 at 9:16am by Martin Stinnissen

Back in January Mr. Fleischmann reminded us that the Accelerated Age isn’t about technology, it’s about all the things we do with it – the countless hours we spend on our computers, the millions of texts and tweets we send and read daily, the billions of hours we spend watching videos.

This constant input and output of information is as much a part of our lives as anything now. It’s the air we breathe, and it’s changing our business in a big way.

Every day…wait, every hour…nope, every minute there’s something new to watch or read or click on or share. But there’s also a lot more to ignore. Think about how often you scroll past online content because it looks too long, or too boring, or…too late, it’s already gone. Only the newest, strangest, most interesting things get our valuable clicks (and eyes). So what we create for our clients has to be better than ever.

But often we’re not asked for better, we’re asked for more.

On the surface, it makes sense. In a world with endless streams of content, if your brand doesn’t have something to contribute, it’ll get lost. There’s a natural need to fill that space. But if it’s not going to be really, really good, is it really worth making?

With things moving so fast it’s even more necessary to stop, think, and ask questions about what we’re creating, and more importantly, why we’re creating it. Does it make sense for this thing to exist, or are we just rounding out the media plan?

Last year we were tasked with advertising Tangerine’s ‘Cyber Monday’ deal – open a savings account and get a $50 gift card. But before we added to the advertising clutter around that time of year, we thought about whether or not it made sense for Tangerine, the bank that helps you save, to talk about ‘Cyber Monday’, a day all about spending. So we created a new day – ‘Saver Monday’. It wasn’t exactly what they asked for, but it was right.

As a writer in the Accelerated Age, I don’t just have the responsibility of writing faster, I have to write smarter, and think smarter before I write. Sometimes that means coming up with solutions that are outside the original ask, and that’s ok. Especially if it solves the problem in a better way.

Our clients need out of the box thinking now more than ever. Remember, they’re moving just as fast as we are.



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