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Do awards still matter?

May 1, 2015 at 12:07pm by Jacob Greer

Somebody asked me to write a blog post on “if awards still matter”. I guess it depends who you ask and they asked me. So yeah, awards still matter. 

As a creative, awards are tied to your career trajectory like balloons tied to a lawn chair. Or like a snowball rolling uphill to the top of a mountain, where there's a buzzy new agency called "chalet" and they have a hot tub at reception and they just won FIFA! The more awards you win the higher and faster things will go. More opportunities for better work will open up, which means more opportunities to win more awards and your lawn chair/snowball will continue to ascend.

Awards aren’t just personal either; agencies that are winning attract better talent. Even the smallest shops can raise their profile with some lions and pencils and bears, oh my. (I've started an award show that gives out translucent bear statues just for the sake of this joke. Submission deadline is June 1.) Metal on the shelf puts everyone involved on the ad world radar. 

And if the primal drive to acquire a shiny object and maybe feel feelings wasn't enough to keep awards relevant they have gotten the shot in the arm they never needed. Clients have started to take notice; awards do heavy lifting for them as well. They raise their profile, they make them look smarter, edgier, more innovative, more effective, more better. Clients know that if you are pushing to create award-winning work for them, you are pushing to make the best work possible.

So yeah, awards still matter because who doesn’t want to sit in a hot tub on top of a mountain.



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