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Managing health conditions from point-of-care to care-everywhere and anywhere

June 25, 2015 at 10:08am by Richelle Colbear

This will be the first in a series of blogs on the recent highlights from the Second annual Lions Health Award and Conference show held in Cannes, France from June 19-20, 2015.

Connected Health @ the speed of life.  Hosted by Google

Today’s healthcare advancements can no longer be viewed as a singular molecular advancement.  Today’s advancements come from the fusion of biology and technology.  Wearables are a great example of this fusion.  And wearables today, are tomorrow’s insideables (watch for a future blog on insideables…mind blowing advancements)!

Today’s healthcare advancements are now about practicing life care vs. sick care.  We must look at technology in healthcare as a mind ware upgrade.

The velocity of connected life will continue at a torrid pace in 2015 driven by the proliferation of mobile screens and the continued demand by consumers for access to digital health information, providers, and care…when, where and how they want it.  The way we manage both acute and chronic health conditions is rapidly moving from point-of-care to care-everywhere and anywhere through telemedicine, mobile devices, on-body sensors and nano technology.

With the relentless velocity of technological innovation and the continued fragmentation of the media and communication channels, it is essential to develop an entirely new paradigm for reaching and engaging patients, providers and caregivers.  These multi-platform moments that matter, require the creation of a remarkable and behaviour-changing digital experience designed for the right time, right place and right screen.

Simply put, we no longer go online…we live online.  Therefore our healthcare brands must be online if we expect to be invited to engage with our consumers and patients.  If healthcare brands don’t use digital advancements to progress their conversations, then quite simply, they may simply not exist in their patients/consumer's eyes.



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