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Cashmere Case Study

September 13, 2011 at 9:06am by john st.


By: Eric
At: 07:25am | April 15, 2012

I think it is both bold and brilliant to associate the Cashmere Toilet Paper product to fashion. It surely distinguishes the product by its unique positioning. For what I know, I thought it was really well executed.

From what I understand, the toilet paper product has a very low level of implication from the consumer when purchased. So with all the fierce competition on the market, how did you ensure the loyalty of the consumers for Cashmere products all year round, even through the price wars?

And on another note, did the renaming and rebranding of Cashmere hurt the brand image, and the sales?

Once again, I'm a big fan of your work! I'm am sure you'll keep coming up with new crazy ideas! Can't wait to see what John St. will do next.


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