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Rethink Your Man Reminder

October 17, 2011 at 3:04pm by john st.

"Your Man Reminder"

For women, checking your breasts for signs of breast cancer is more of a "have to do" vs. a "fun to do", and not something that's easy to remember.  We wanted to change that.  So we teamed up with Rethink Breast Cancer to create Your Man Reminder – a mobile app that uses hot guys to remind young women to get familiar with their breasts.  To help get the word out, we made an online video showing women how to give their breasts the TLC they deserve …from who else, but a really hot guy.

Case Video


By: Steif
At: 20:29pm | November 05, 2011

Any plans to use naked women to promote prostate exams?

By: Jamie Holt
At: 14:03pm | February 04, 2013

Hi There,

GREAT work! This ad is refreshing and brilliant. I'm curious, who directed it? The directing style is fantastic, and really elevates the concept. Right on to the whole team!


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